Fall 2017 Incentive Limited Time Special 

For a limited time Massachusetts Eversource, Cape Light Compact, and Unitil Electric commercial and industrial customers are eligible for instant rebates on new product categories of efficient LED lamps and fixtures.  This promotional period is only good September 1st through December 31st, 2017.  Click on the links above to see if your city or town is in the service area of these utilities. Cape Light Compact serves all of the Cape Cod and MV.  Click on the links above to see if your city or town is in the service area of these utilities.While this promotion does not apply to National Grid or municipally owned customers, we do have incentives for you also.

​​These products are now offered with an instant rebate

until Dec 31st or until the program runs out of funds.  

Fluorescent to LED replacement tubes

Eversource, Cape Light Compact, and Unitil Electric Incentives

​T5 LED Replacement Lamps 

The average commercial building contains over 300 linear fluorescent lamps. Now, imagine you replace the older fluorescent technology with newer LED technology for immediate energy savings and less maintenance. Brilliant! Universal's LED tube lights are mercury free and RoHS compliant. Universal makes the replacement decision easy with a variety of LED replacement options, industry leading reliability, and a 5 year warranty. For replacing traditional fluorescent lighting with more efficient LED technology – choose Universal


 • 4’: 3000 & 3400 lumen options

 • High Efficiency operation

 • Compatible with most T5HO electronic ballasts, 120-277V and 347V

 • No warm-up time, instant on

 • Long Life: 50,000 hours (L70)

 • No fixture rewiring required

 • Glass construction for optimum optical efficiency

 • Shatter proof coating

 • Reduces energy by up to 40%

 • Full light down to -4°F

 • RoHs Compliant

 • Mercury Free

 • No UV emissions

 • 5 Year limited lamp warranty • Ideal for frequent on/off switching

Energy efficient lighting made easy

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