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​The Eseta™ LED Wall Sconce 

  • Covered by Leotek’s standard 10-year warranty.
  • High efficiency, 100 lumens/watt with up to 8500 delivered lumens.
  • Optional programmable motion sensor
  • Optional emergency battery, UL listed, cold-weather rated, fits inside standard housing

Street, Roadway and Architectural LED Area Fixtures by LeoTek


  • Sized for residential street applications.
  • Lumen packages up to 7,400 lumens.

Arieta® Architectural LED Area Light AR13 AR18

Suited for numerous applications, including car dealerships, parking lots, campuses, office complexes, streets and public parks, Arieta® is available in a wide range of lumen packages, up to 29,000 lumens. Universal mounting design allows for attachment to virtually any pole without re-drilling, and the luminaire’s minimal profile creates an appealing and unobtrusive day form. This makes Arieta™ the perfect replacement for the shoebox luminaire.  Arieta is available in two housing sizes to properly scale for different mounting heights. The smaller AR13 is scaled for applications like pedestrian walkways using 15 foot poles. The AR18 is perfect for lighting larger areas or parking lots using 40 foot poles.


  • High lumen output for commercial intersections ​ and high-speed roadways.
  • Lumen packages up to 22,900 lumens

- Lightest weight in industry
- Over 100 lumens per watt across board

100,000 hour lifetime rated power supplies and LEDs

- Durable powder coat paint finish / 5000 hour salt spray exposure rating

- Field adjustable lighting levels with integral current selector

10 Year Standard Warranty - Built in the USA


  • Mid-size covers commercial and wider local streets.
  • Lumen packages up to 15,400 lumens


  • High lumen output for commercial intersections and high-speed roadways.
  • Lumen packages up to 27,000 lumens

Replace those High Pressure Sodium with the LED chosen by most cities. 

The GreenCobra® Series is built with durable high-strength materials and reliable components, and is backed by Leotek USA’s 10-Year Warranty and 20 years of experience building LED lighting products. The GreenCobra GC series has been selected by over 200 cities, utilities and DOTs nationwide to light intersections and major roadways with over 1 million units shipped and have been in the field for over 10 years.​