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The MassSave customer contribution on Dimmable BR30 LED lamps for Hospitality to be increased soon


Through Northeast Efficiency Supply's partnership with National Grid these lamps have been available to restaurants, bars or any commercial eatery for $1 (that's right one dollar!)  but they won't be available at this price for much longer so act now.

MASS Save And RI Upstream Price Change For 2017


At Northeast Efficiency Supply our aim is to keep you up-to-date on the latest program changes. For 2017 the Mass Save lighting rebate program has increased their minimum customer contributions from $1 to $2.50 which will more than double your lighting projects in March 2017.

Your Connecticut school can take advantage of a number of energy efficiency lighting programs funded through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency


Just an update to inform you that the 2017 EnergizeCT Program Incentives will continue according to the 2016 rates further notice.  NES has helped retrofit 20 million sqft of space and with a deep understanding of the EnergizeCT school program we can ensure your school receives the maximum rebate available.

​​NES helps Gregg's Restaurants & Taverns obtain hundreds of LED fixtures, lower their

energy bill and beautify their restaurants through the RI National Grid Incentive Program 

8/17/2017    read more success stories here

Gregg's Restaurants & Taverns, a Rhode Island tradition since 1972, recently had their four locations upgraded with the latest LED lighting fixtures through the National Grid incentive program and National Efficiency Supply.  NES has assisted hospitality facilities throughout RI, MA and CT obtain energy efficient LED lighting and the owner of Gregg’s, Bob Bacon, was excited to share his experience in working with NES and the National Grid incentive program. Bob initially had LED fixtures installed in a new addition but when he saw the quality and energy savings he decided to have the dining area, kitchen, and outside lighting converted with new Maxlite LED flat panels, Green Creative BR-30 LED lamps, and Eaton Night Falcon outside fixtures in all of his restaurants.   


How was the retrofit process through NES?

The process was seamless.  Once the products were selected and ordered the rebate was deducted from invoice and I paid the net.  NES did the rest.

What made you do it? 

Initially we installed some as part of an addition.  When I saw the quality of the lighting I decided to move ahead with conversion of my older lighting. 

How is the quality of lighting ,before and after, for dining? 

A few years ago I had converted some lights to see how it worked out.  The quality of lighting was “harsh” and not complimentary to my dining rooms.  This time however, the lighting is much better and is an improvement over what I had.  The newer lights also are more compatible to dimming than the ones I tried before and this helps me to achieve the lighting effect I want for my restaurants.

Energy Savings (so far at locations)

This is our first AC season with the LEDs installed so I have been trying to determine how my AC needs this year compare to last year effected my KWH usage figures as well.  I will know better in a few months but right now it looks as if our monthly KWH usage is down between 10% and 25% depending on location.  The outside lighting was converted last for me so the savings should increase in coming months.

Would you recommend this for other restaurant owners?

I would definitely recommend LED conversion!  One word of caution, do not underestimate the labor cost of converting.  You need a good electrician that understands which dimmers will work and which will not.  That was the most difficult part and I am glad I did not skimp on who I used for install.  Even with that expense I believe my pay back will be less than 6 months on this project.  Continued savings in not having to replace burned out lights all the time (especially pole mounted parking lot lights) will also add to the cost reduction benefit for years to come.