Holyoke Mall Large Scale Retrofit with cutting edge LED downlights    

Challenge: LED retrofit of 860 downlights with latest LEDs at busy mall.  

Customer:  Holyoke Mall, MA

Installation performed by: Right Light Energy Services (RLES)
Incentive Provider: National Grid / MassSave Upstream
Scope: Replaced over 860 recessed downlights, which consisted of a combination of 8-inch and 12-inch downlights containing 100 watt and 150 watt metal halide.
Technology:Enluxrecessed lighting. The majority of the project (700 fixtures) was the DL1 14 watt 8-inch tapered cone fixture; the remainder were the DL2 42 watt 8-inch and 10-inch tapered cone fixture. 

Restaurant, Sporting and Clubhouse Facility


Sterling National Country Club

Payback Period: less than a month​​​Annual Savings: ​$11,000


​​Meadow Brook School

Total Lighting Project Investment: $90,839
Total Out of Pocket Cost for Customer: $0.00
Annual Energy Savings: $14,153
Payback Period: 4.46 yrs.
Est. Annual Maintenance Savings: $2,122
Total Annual Operational Savings: $16,276

Mountain View School
Total Project Lighting Investment:
Net Investment by Customer: $38,242
Annual Energy Savings: $8,697
Payback Period: 4.40 yrs.

Est. Annual Maintenance Savings: $1,304
Total Annual Operational Savings: $10,002

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​​​​Sterling National Country Club - Multiple facility type retrofit

Challenge: Replace a variety of lighting throughout clubhouse, dining room and lot.

Customer:  Sterling National Country Club - Sterling, MA
Installation performed by:  Self-installed

Incentive Provider: National Grid 
Scope: Restaurant, Clubhouse, and outdoor areas of upscale golf resort

Technology: LEDs in BR30 recessed ceiling cans, chandeliers in ballrooms with 4.5w candelabra, MR16 track lights in pro shop, lot spot lights with PAR 38s.

Large Outdoor Park

​Roger Williams Park & Zoo
Total Project Lighting Investment: $96,082

Incentives: $27,203
Annual Energy Savings: $11,093
Payback Period: 6.21 yrs.
Annual Maintenance Savings: $1,664

​​Total Annual Savings: ​$12,757

Mountain View Elementary School & Meadow Brook School

Challenge: LED retrofit of old fluorescent fixtures  

Customer:  Town of East Longmeadow, MA

Installation performed by: NE Lighting, Inc.
Incentive provider: National Grid 
Scope: This was a LED lighting retrofit project at two elementary schools – interior and exterior whose fluorescent lighting had deteriorated over time. The main energy conservation measure was re-lamp and re-ballast of the existing fluorescent T8 lighting; 4-ft. fluorescent T8s, 2-ft and and U-lamp fluorescent T8 lighting. In addition, incandescent bulbs were replaced; on the exterior, all of the building wall packs and some parking lot flood lights were replaced with LED lighting.
Technology Used: The majority of the retrofit was re-lamp and re-ballast of the existing linear fluorescent T8 lighting. The system chosen was the Espen CoreTech T8 LED and Driver

​​​​​Roger Williams Zoo Park Zoo and Village

Challenge: Retrofit 100s of outdoor and indoor lights of an elaborately landscaped 427-acre city park and zoo which houses over 900 animals and is on the National Register of Historic Places as one oldest zoos in the US.

Customer:  RI Zoological Societyand City of Providence RI
Incentive Provider: National Grid 
Scope: Replaced 100s of outdated outdoor lights with cutting edge LEDs but still maintain the classic feel of 1880s zoo.
Technology: Interior LEDs, outdoor floods and area lights.

Large Scale Retail / Commercial 

Holyoke Mall

Total Project Lighting Cost: $178,359.95
Incentives: $22,390.00
Payback Period: 3.86 yrs.
Annual Energy Savings: $40,396.72
Annual Maintenance Savings: $3,312.53
Annual kWH Savings: 323,174 kWh
KW Reduced: 77.98 KW
Total Annual Operational Savings: $43,709