National Efficiency Supply is not your average lighting distributor

NES Lighting Distributors are your partners in high-efficiency lighting for your buildings. We have successfully retrofitted over 20 million square feet of space with the latest commercial lighting in buildings such as schools, businesses, museums, municipal buildings, and ESCOs (Energy Service Companies). We understand the problems these facilities have and can address all of them with the proper lighting.

NES specializes in providing the best in commercial lighting supply, including LED high bay fixture retrofits to save money and energy. We can provide an audit of your space to find out exactly how much you could save by simply replacing your old light fixtures with new ones.

When you work with NES Lighting Distributors, you’re getting decades of experience behind you. Not only are we light distributors, but we also have expert knowledge of every product we sell and recommend what will work best for you. We can also help you realize savings via utility efficiency programs and rebates offered by states. Contact us today to start the process.

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Our Values

  • ​We deliver on promises and operate with integrity

  • We appreciate every customer, vendor and employee

  • We adapt and innovate to meet our customers’ needs

  • We promote efficiency in all aspects of a project