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Key Program Requirements
Incentive Table: Lists all eligible product categories and their official incentives, minimum customer contributions, pre-approval limits, and source QPLs.

New Measure Eligibility Criteria: Provides exact definitions for new product categories so you can determine which of your products are eligible. We are happy to help in this process – send us a list of your model numbers as they appear on ENERGY STAR and DLC, and we can tell you which ones are eligible for which categories. Alternatively, we can help verify your list once it is created.

Finding the right energy-efficient lighting solution is easy. We work with ENERGY STAR® and the DesignLights Consortium® to promote the most energy-efficient lighting technologies available and make them affordable through the Express Service Lighting Rebate program. You have access to rebates for a wide range of lighting, including T8 and T5 systems, LED Systems, exit signs, lighting controls and LED lights for coolers, freezers and refrigerator shelving.

So far in 2017..

Upstream Incentives for Connecticut

Updated for 2017 - It is easy for businesses to save electricity and cut energy costs by installing high-efficiency lighting. Now with paper and instant rebates, you can enjoy all the energy-saving benefits without paying a premium price. What a bright idea!

Whether you are looking to replace your interior or exterior commercial lighting, there is an energy-saving solution regardless of the application. And rebates available through the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund help to offset the premium price of lighting, making energy-saving lighting fixtures and bulbs a cost-effective choice.

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