If you’re looking for elegant, reliable lighting that is energy efficient and cost effective, Eaton Lighting is exactly what you’re looking for. Eaton has a wide array of lighting solutions that will work in any facility, indoors or out.

Eaton Lighting provides many choices in lighting, evidenced by the range of products the company offers. These options deliver the proper lighting to public and private spaces, from museums to warehouses to retail environments. Their reliable lighting fixtures and hardware are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, providing you not only cost savings on your building’s energy bill but also reducing your carbon footprint as well.

NES Lighting Distributors is ready to help your business or institution get the absolute best in lighting supply. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry and are on top of the latest trends from each and every company we work with. For existing buildings, NES provides audits so that you can find out exactly how much energy you’re wasting with your current lighting fixtures. We’ll also help you choose the lighting fixtures, indoors and out, that will make new buildings look their best while staying as energy efficient as possible.

Working with NES Lighting Distributors means you’ll experience efficiency at every level: a variety of choices in one location, sales teams who understand the product, and the energy efficiency of the product itself. Click here to give us a call and get the process started.