EnLux Downlights are a game changer for retrofit and new construction. 

If you want an easy to install LED downlight with multiple trim options plus the ability to adjust wattage on site, these are the LEDs for you! They come with an attached junction box (100% below the ceiling installation with all ceiling types) making it a breeze to install.  Your customer will appreciate your ability to change the wattage to their preference and the multiple color options.

Highbay HBLED Series - Cooper

The HBLED is an outstanding value for a wide variety of applications and mounting heights. Precision designed optics,multiple distributions, lumen outputs and color temperatures make the energy-efficient HBLED the ideal solution for industrial, commercial, manufacturing, gymnasium and other high bay applications that utilize traditional HD and linear.

- LEDs available in 4000K and 5000K 85+CRI

- Optional 0-10V dimming driver
- Multiple lumen packages
- Optional door frames lens options
- Available with modular power supply
- Aisle and wide distributions
- Multiple sensor options  

Commercial, Hospitality and Educational

National Grid Incentive Available

General Lighting, Recessed Lighting, Accent Lighting

Energize CT, National Grid RI, and MassSave Incentive Available

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Autodim - 40watts - 4200 Lumens - Warranty: 5 years - Lifespan: 50,000 hours - Size: 48"L x 4.8"W x 3.28"H - Surface & Suspended Mount

​​BR30 9w CLOUD Dimmable - Green Creative

This BR30 LED has been designed for demanding commercial applications, hospitality facilities, restaurants, bars, cafes, or wherever you need a warm, dimmable, and shatter resistant LED.  Featuring the revolutionary CLOUD design, this 9W lamp weighs just 103 grams and looks like a traditional incandescent.

- 65W incandescent replacement

-  60% lighter due to environmentally friendly construction

- Suitable for use in totally enclosed fixtures
- Smooth dimming with existing dimmers
- 25 000 hr lifetime
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​​4ft LED Bi-level Autodim Stairwell Light  

The fixture is designed to be used in Stairwells and comes with an integrated occupancy sensor and a bi-level driver.  When the stairwell is occupied the fixture is at full brightness.  When the space becomes unoccupied, the fixture automatically dims for even more energy savings.  Click here for spec sheet .

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Parking Garages, Stairwells, Warehouse
Storage Facilities, Bathroom, Hallways

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Value-added Lighting Distribution

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Industrial, Commercial, Manufacturing, Gym

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