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Projects that cost less than $131,100 are considered small funding requests. Any work status and cost basis are eligible for a small funding request.

To get an activity covered, the organization must list the following costs connected to the activity:

  • Labor
  • Equipment
  • Contracts
  • Materials and supplies
  • Other costs

Organizations must have their request for public assistance approved before they can submit a funding request.

  1. Obtain grants portal id and password
  2. and use credentials to sign in
  3. Accept privacy notice and government site
  4. Finish setting up account if first time logging in
  5. If your organization is declared for a public assistance event you will see this banner, click the blue hyperlink
  6. Read through and click next
  7. Select event you are requesting assistance for and select yes/no for participated in PDA (preliminary damage assessments)
  8. Fill out primary contact information
  9. Verify addresses on 4th tab
  10. Type any additional information if necessary
  11. Review information and submit
  12. Blue screen means RPA has been submitted


Organizations must have their request for public assistance approved before they can submit a funding request.

  1. My organization>Applicant Event Profile> Choose correct one
  2. Blue submit project application button
  3.  First will be brought to help page read through and submit
  4. Section 1 – Project Application Information
    1. Assign an application # and title
    2.  Read and click check box and click submit
  5. Section 2 – Scope of Work
    1. Brief description of activities
    2. Fill out the checklist
    3. Some activities with require additional paperwork
    4. Select location and hit proceed
    5. Upload documents if necessary, hit proceed
    6. Review information and click done with section 2
  6. Section 3 – Cost and Work Status
    1.  Expedited Funding – answer necessary questions
    2. Under 131,100 fill out Schedule EZ
    3. Enter start and completion date
    4. Proceed
    5. Verify information and see what additional schedules will need to be filled out
    6. Hit done with Section 3
  7. Complete Schedules that pop up based on how you answered the questions in the previous sections
  8. It will let you know if there are any documents you need to upload
  9. Once everything has been completed, hit review and submit
  10. Review all information and click proceed
  11. Answer preparer certification questions and duplication of benefits questions
  12. Click to sign, read certification, sign again
  13. Hit submit project application
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