​​​​​​​​A19 6.5w and 8w dimmable: 40w to 60w incandescent replacements
A19 12w dimmable:  75w incandescent replacement - Suitable for use in totally enclosed fixtures
A21 17w dimmable: 100w incandescent replacement - Suitable for use in totally enclosed fixtures
(3 different types available for all)

PAR20 5.5w dimmable: 50w halogen replacement
PAR30 12.5w:  75w halogen replacement 
PAR38 17w:  120w halogen replacement

MR16 GU5.3 6W:  50w Pin halogen replacement - 3 different types available

PAR16 6w dimmable: 60W halogen replacement - Suitable for use in totally enclosed fixtures

​R20 6.5w dimmable: 45W incandescent replacement

​Smooth warm dimming from 2700K-2200K CCT

DIRECT PL H 8.5W: Plug & Play DIRect installation - Replaces 26W CFL lamps 

Compatible with G24q / GX24q (4-pin) installations - 4 different types available
DIRECT PL V 9.5W: Plug & Play DIRect installation

For use with 13W / 18W / 26W / 32W / 42W electronic ballasts

Compatible w/ G24q / GX24q (4-pin CFL) installations - ​4 different types available

Schools, Retail, Office Space, and Hospitality can all benefit from the latest energy efficient LED lamps.

MassSave , National Grid RI and Energize CT  Incentive Available

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Featured GreenCreative LED Lamps

BR30 8w Cloud design dimmable: 65W incandescent replacement

3 different types available
BR30 9w Cloud design warm dimmable: 65W incandescent replacement

Smooth warm dimming from 2700K-2200K CCT - ​​BR 40 also available  

​BR40 14w Cloud design dimmable: 85W incandescent replacement

2 different types available

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