Utility Incentive and Rebate Programs

Focused exclusively on energy-efficient lighting, NES carries DLC and EnergyStar qualified products for every application ensuring the highest incentives and rebates through utility downstream, midstream, and upstream programs nationwide.

As a partner distributor of National Grid, MassSave, and Energize CT, NES supports the upstream lighting programs in all three states. Upstream incentives make it very easy for commercial consumers to procure LED lighting at greatly reduced costs. The burden of paperwork filing is taken by NES, so customers receive incentives at point of sale.

Massachusetts Upstream Incentives

The Massachusetts Program Administrators of MassSave have partnered with electrical distributors to offer contractors, and commercial lighting customers discounted pricing on LED lamps and select types of LED fixtures in commercial applications.

Rhode Island Upstream Incentives

Bright Opportunities Rhode Island: National Grid C&I Upstream Lighting Program. The goal of the program is to transform the market from less efficient incandescent, fluorescent, and HID technologies to more efficient LED technology.

Connecticut Upstream Incentives

It is easy for businesses to save electricity and cut energy costs by installing high-efficiency lighting. Now with paper and instant rebates, you can enjoy all the energy-saving benefits without paying a premium price. What a bright idea!