FlatMAX Edge Lit Flat Panel

MassSave, National Grid RI and Energize CT Incentive Available

Designed for drop in ceilings, MaxLite’s high performance FlatMAX® Edge Lit LED Flat Panels are the ideal energy-efficient replacements for fluorescent fixtures in offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare and other commercial and industrial applications. Easy installation due to slim design! Available in 1’x4′, 2’x2′ and 2’x4′ models in 3500K (warm white), 4000k (white) and 5000K (daylight) color temperatures the fixtures enable even light distribution to create warm welcoming environments & are dimmable.

The design of the panels produces an even, consistent shadowless light. The LEDs enable long life, high lumen maintenance, and are low maintenance and constructed without hazardous materials.​ ​ Contact us today for a lighting ROI calculation compared to your existing set-up or to see a sample in action.


  • Even light distribution: Translucent lens, crafted of white polycarbonate, enables even light distribution
  • LM-80-rated chips ensure color uniformity: Constructed with LM-80-rated chips with high-ranked binning that ensures color uniformity and produces accurate color rendering, even light distribution and minimal glare
  • Dimmable: Compatible with a variety of popular 0-10V dimming switches for additional energy savings
  • Cool operation: Provides cool operation without emitting radiation or heat, while also reducing HVAC maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly: RoHS-compliant and constructed without any hazardous materials
  • Driver housing, face frame, and back panel are aluminum and provide heat sink and thermal control capabilities
  • 50,000 hour life: 50,000 hour life or more than 17 years operating 8 hours a day is based on L70 standards.
  • Flat Panels can be linkedUp to 20 panels and a master panel can be linked to operate as a synced unit
  • Installation depth of just 2.3 inches!

Easy easy installation due to super slim design!

You won’t believe how good they look.