Bright Opportunities Rhode Island: National Grid C&I Upstream Lighting Program

The goal of the program is to transform the market from less efficient lighting technology to more efficient LED retrofits. National Grid RI has partnered with electrical lighting distributors to offer the design community, architects, lighting contractors, and commercial lighting customers the most efficient LED lamps and fixtures on the market at a comparable cost to conventional products via LED rebates in Rhode Island.

Key Program Requirements

A minimum customer contribution is required for any lamp or fixture sold through the Bright Opportunities Lighting Program. Minimum customer contribution is located on the incentive chart. All product must be installed within 30 days of receipt.

Who are Eligible Customers for this program?

Eligible Customers are businesses in Rhode Island. An Eligible Customer is one who receives electrical service under a non-residential rate class from any electric utility in the state.

Which customers are not eligible?

Sales of qualifying equipment to the following businesses are not eligible:

  • Residential customers
  • Businesses located outside Rhode Island‚Äč

What are the benefits of these lamps?

The eligible LED replacement lamps save money in three ways:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Fewer replacement products
  • Reduced labor costs

LEDs provide up to 80% energy and cost savings, last at least 10 times longer than traditional lamps, and produce less heat output for greater customer comfort and lower A/C costs. LED directional lamps also provide the same high-quality natural color lighting for product display as conventional halogen lamps. All eligible LED retrofits provide excellent CRI (Color Rendering Index) and instant-on capability. Moreover, LEDs do not contain toxic materials such as mercury or lead. Many of these lamps are also dimmable.