There are few companies in the world that can offer the amazing reach and variety that Signify delivers every day. If you have a need for lighting, whether public or private, Signify can provide lights that will shine in just the way you need…and save you money in the process.

Once known as Philips Lighting, Signify designs lights to create any mood and serve any need. With its wide variety of light panels, troffers, high bay, strip lights, and so many more, you’ll find Signify products in restaurants, office spaces, museums, waiting rooms, and operating rooms. They also provide an excellent array of outdoor lighting options for private businesses and public spaces.

LEDs are the future of lighting, and Signify is always pushing the envelope of this technology. Bulbs and tubes last longer, and the color temperature can be tuned to match the needs of the space. Of course, LED lights are also known for their incredible efficiency, saving you money on your energy bill and helping the environment at the same time.

NES Lighting Distributors is proud to work with Signify in order to bring you elegant LED lighting for any space. With over 50 years of combined experience in the lighting world, NES can help you navigate the surprisingly complex world of commercial lighting. It all starts with a lighting audit that can show you exactly how much you’ll save when you retrofit existing lighting spaces with energy-efficient LEDs.

Indoors and out, NES Lighting Distributors can help make your building more efficient while improving lighting conditions at the same time. Contact us today to get the process started and find out what NES and Signify can do for you!