Retail, Restaurant, Warehouse, Outdoor


​​Sweet Berry Farms

Net Investment by Customer: $1,696
Payback Period: Lees than 3 months
Annual Savings: ​$2,462


​​Scribner Library

Total Cost:$103,000
kW reduced:17.67
kWh reduced:155,837
Return on Investment: 20%
Annual Savings: ​$20,600

National Efficiency Supply



​​Scott VW Dealership

Net Investment by Customer: $1,696
Payback Period: 9 months
Annual Savings: ​$2,212

​​​Asthma & Allergy Physicians of Rhode Island Fluorescent Retrofit

Challenge: Replace 390 fluorescent tubes with LED tubes in busy clinic

Customer:  Asthma & Allergy Physicians - Warwick, RI

Installation performed by: Self-Installed
Incentive Provider: National Grid 
Scope: Replaced 390 fluorescent tubes on Saturday in dropped ceiling fixtures
Technology: 4ft T8 12w LED tubes, A19s, and ceiling downlight retro LEDs.

​​Scott Volkswagen Dealership - Fluorescent and LED installation 

Challenge: Provide uniform and appealing light throughout showroom and offices 

Customer:  Scott Vollkswagen - Providence, RI
Installation performed by: Self-Installed

Incentive Provider: National Grid 
Scope: Multiple fluorescent downlights and hanging LED tubes
Technology: Recessed ceiling cans with 4 pin CFL’s and hanging 4 ft T8 fixtures with 12 watt tubes

​​Sweet Berry Farm - Retail, Restaurant,  Fluorescent and LED Retrofit 

Challenge: Total Lighting retrofit for sprawling multi-use areas 

Customer:  Sweet Berry Farm - Middletown, RI
Installation performed by: Self-Installed

Incentive Provider: National Grid 
Scope: Sweet Berry Farm – Replaced lighting in retail, restaurant, food market, warehouse and outside concert area.
Technology: BR30 recessed ceiling cans and track lights throughout retail and eating areas, 4 ft T8’s in kitchen,  PAR38 spots outside, A19’s in sconces and restrooms.

Manufacturing ​​


Advanced Chemical

Payback Period: 7 months

Annual Savings: ​$5,200

Value-added Lighting Distribution

Lighting Audit Services - Lighting Retrofit Design - Supply Chain Management



Asthma & Allergy Clinic

​​Annual Savings: ​$4,000

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​​​​Advanced Chemical Company LED Installation  

Challenge: Improve lighting in their offices and employee areas

Customer:  Advanced Chemical Company - Warwick, RI
Installation performed by: Self-Installed

Incentive Provider: National Grid 
Scope: Retrofit and New Installation
Technology: Dropped ceiling fixtures w/4ft T8 12w tubes, with A19’s and ceiling down light retro LEDs.


​​Electropolishing Facility

Total Project Lighting Cost: $15,804

Incentives: $9,329
Payback Period: 1.89 yrs.
Annual Energy Savings: $3,428
Annual Maintenance Savings: $514
Annual kWH Savings: 23,812 kWh
KW Reduced: 6.96 KW

Total Annual Savings: $3,943

Skidmore College - Scribner Library CFL Retrofit

Challenge: Replace 100s of pin-based CFL downlights

Customer:  Skidemore College, NY
Installation performed by:  Right Light Energy Services
Incentive Provider: NYSERDA 
Scope: Replace 494  pin-based CFL downlights in a hard ceiling.
Technology: Enlux LED retrofit kits.

​​​New England Electropolishing - Multiple LED and ballast retrofits

Challenge: Upgrade existing linear fluorescent lighting in their manufacturing / production areas to improve light quality, reduce electrical costs and reduce maintenance requirements. Of particular importance was improving the light quality in the material inspection areas, which is critical to their business.

Customer:  New England Electropolishing- Fall River MA 
ESCO: J. Roia Electrical, Inc.

Incentive Provider: National Grid 
Scope: Re-lamp/Re-ballast of over 60 fluorescent vapor tight high bays (6-lamps each) saving 111 watts per fixture; Re-lamp/Re-ballast of a combination of 20 fluorescent strips and troffers.  

Technology: Espen 15 watt RetroFlex T8 LED tubes; 12 watt RetroFlex T8 LED tubes; 2-4 lamp ballasts.