Holyoke Mall Large Scale Retrofit with cutting edge LED downlights    

Challenge: LED retrofit of 860 downlights with latest LEDs at busy mall.  

Customer:  Holyoke Mall, MA

Installation performed by: Right Light Energy Services (RLES)
Incentive Provider: National Grid / MassSave Upstream
Scope: Replaced over 860 recessed downlights, which consisted of a combination of 8-inch and 12-inch downlights containing 100 watt and 150 watt metal halide.
Technology: Enlux recessed lighting. The majority of the project (700 fixtures) was the DL1 14 watt 8-inch tapered cone fixture; the remainder were the DL2 42 watt 8-inch and 10-inch tapered cone fixture. 

​​​​​Roger Williams Zoo Park Zoo and Village

Challenge: Retrofit hundreds of outdoor and indoor lights of an elaborately landscaped 427-acre city park and zoo which houses over 900 animals and is on the National Register of Historic Places as one of the oldest zoos in the US.

Customer:  RI Zoological Society and City of Providence RI
Incentive Provider: National Grid 
Scope: Replaced hundreds of outdated outdoor lights with cutting edge LEDs while still maintaining the classic feel of an 1880s zoo.
Technology: Interior LEDs, outdoor floods and area lights.

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​​​​Cosco Fence - Various LED retrofits

Challenge: LED lighting retrofit of existing linear fluorescent lighting in the warehouse, tool room and office spaces. The fluorescent lighting had deteriorated over time with lots of color variation, and in particular, the light level was lacking in the warehouse where a crisper, brighter light was needed. Ballasts were also failing frequently making upkeep a challenge.

Customer:  Cosco - Woonsocket, RI ​
Installation performed by: Kenney & Bishop Electric, Inc

Incentive provider: National Grid 
Scope: Re-lamp/Re-ballast of 66 industrial strip high bays (8-foot fixtures) and low bays (4-foot fixtures); Re-lamp/Re-ballast of 52 troffers and wraps; Replaced several incandescent screw-in bulbs with LED A19 screw-in bulbs.
Technology: Espen 12 watt RetroFlex T8 LED tubes; Espen 2-lamp and 4-lamp ballasts; Renova Industrial Strip Retrofit Kits; LED A19 9.5 watt screw-in bulbs. 

Large Outdoor Park

​Roger Williams Park & Zoo
Total Project Lighting Investment: $96,082

Incentives: $27,203
Annual Energy Savings: $11,093
Payback Period: 6.21 yrs.
Annual Maintenance Savings: $1,664

​​Total Annual Savings: ​$12,757

Restaurant, Sporting and Clubhouse Facility


Sterling National Country Club

Payback Period: less than a month​​​Annual Savings: ​$11,000


​​Meadow Brook School

Total Lighting Project Investment: $90,839
Total Out of Pocket Cost for Customer: $0.00
Annual Energy Savings: $14,153
Payback Period: 4.46 yrs.
Est. Annual Maintenance Savings: $2,122
Total Annual Operational Savings: $16,276

Mountain View School
Total Project Lighting Investment:
Net Investment by Customer: $38,242
Annual Energy Savings: $8,697
Payback Period: 4.40 yrs.

Est. Annual Maintenance Savings: $1,304
Total Annual Operational Savings: $10,002

National Efficiency Supply

Mountain View Elementary School & Meadow Brook School

Challenge: LED retrofit of old fluorescent fixtures  

Customer:  Town of East Longmeadow, MA

Installation performed by: NE Lighting, Inc.
Incentive provider: National Grid 
Scope: This was a LED lighting retrofit project at two elementary schools – interior and exterior whose fluorescent lighting had deteriorated over time. The main energy conservation measure was re-lamp and re-ballast of the existing fluorescent T8 lighting; 4-ft. fluorescent T8s, 2-ft and and U-lamp fluorescent T8 lighting. In addition, incandescent bulbs were replaced; on the exterior, all of the building wall packs and some parking lot flood lights were replaced with LED lighting.
Technology Used: The majority of the retrofit was re-lamp and re-ballast of the existing linear fluorescent T8 lighting. The system chosen was the Espen CoreTech T8 LED and Driver

Value-added Lighting Distribution

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Large Scale Retail / Commercial 

Holyoke Mall

Total Project Lighting Cost: $178,359.95
Incentives: $22,390.00
Payback Period: 3.86 yrs.
Annual Energy Savings: $40,396.72
Annual Maintenance Savings: $3,312.53
Annual kWH Savings: 323,174 kWh
KW Reduced: 77.98 KW
Total Annual Operational Savings: $43,709

Commercial & Industrial

Cosco Fence

Total Project Lighting Cost: $14,558.14
Incentives: $4,995
Payback Period: 3.32 yrs.
Annual Energy Savings: $2,877.12
Annual Maintenance Savings: $431.57
Annual kWH Savings: 19,980 kWH
KW Reduced: 5.15 KW

Total Annual Savings: $3,308.69

​​​​Sterling National Country Club - Multiple facility type retrofit

Challenge: Replace a variety of lighting throughout clubhouse, dining room and lot.

Customer:  Sterling National Country Club - Sterling, MA
Installation performed by:  Self-installed

Incentive Provider: National Grid 
Scope: Restaurant, Clubhouse, and outdoor areas of upscale golf resort

Technology: LEDs in BR30 recessed ceiling cans, chandeliers in ballrooms with 4.5w candelabra, MR16 track lights in pro shop, lot spot lights with PAR 38s.