LED Retrofit Kits / Luminaires

MassSave, National Grid RI and Energize CT Incentive Available

Universal makes it easy to upgrade to LED technology with simple installation and industry leading efficiency with the reliability of our complete in-house design (electronic, thermal, and optical) including EVERLINE® “matched” modules and drivers.

Every piece of our system is designed to work seamlessly together to provide you with a worry free solution.

Universal offers traditional simple replacement to sophisticated LED retrofit solutions, including many options in between. We offer standard luminaire LED replacement options from Tubes (Tubes, Tubes + Ballasts), to light engines (e.g. Tubes + Drivers, or LED Retrofit Kits), and even full fixture replacement with a full luminaire line.

​We know that over half of all commercial fluorescent lighting fixtures are comprised of recessed troffers. For commercial buildings the energy savings can translate from 15% – 45% savings over conventional systems installed, not to mention the savings from installing a controls scenario.

Replacement Luminaires

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