When you’re looking for new lighting, there are many criteria that must be met in order to make a retrofit of your current lights financially viable. First of all, the new lights — whether they’re troffers, light panels, high bay, or strips — must be more energy efficient in order to save money on your energy bill. They also have to handle power properly so that they’re not burning through bulbs and tubes. Of course, you also want them to provide the right temperature light for the space in question so that people don’t mind working in the space. Finally, you want them to look good. After all, if you’re replacing your lights, they should look modern while still aging well.

Universal Lighting Technologies, a member of the Panasonic family, is constantly improving their lighting technology in order to satisfy all of the above. This company offers a wide variety of lighting options that can be found in museums, warehouses, office buildings, schools, libraries, and retail establishments around the world. Universal Lighting Technology is at the forefront of LED technology, delivering lighting equipment that’s more energy efficient while ensuring longer-lasting bulbs and tubes.

NES Lighting Distributors is proud to work with Universal Lighting Technologies in order to bring you the latest and greatest in LEDs. LEDs provide excellent advantages over every form of consumer lighting that has come before, not the least of which is the energy savings you can get by retrofitting your existing fixtures with this new technology. By giving us a call, you’ll be able to take advantage of National Efficiency Supply’s 50+ combined years of experience in the commercial lighting industry. A simple audit can prove just how much money you’ll save by moving to LED fixtures.

Ready to make the most of your building’s potential? We’d love to show you the many advantages you can get by making the switch to LED. Contact us today to get the process started and find out how Universal Lighting Technologies’ products can save you money.