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National Efficiency Supply


NES knows that the flow of materials can make or break a job.  We can receive materials at our warehouse and job-pack skids for delivery on-demand to your work site.

After your project is done, we'll still be here.  We will make sure that you have realized all utility incentives, and will manage any warranty issues that arise.

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National Efficiency Supply

​​NES offers full lighting audit services, which can be utilized by ESCOs and end-users.  A  survey of a facility's existing system ensures the right LED fixtures and lamps are specified.

With a deep understanding of utility efficiency programs, construction logistics, and manufacturing nuances, NES is a premier distributor for ESCOs and end-users alike.

Mountain View and Meadow Brook Schools LED Retrofit

Annual Savings: ​$26,278.00

Read the project story here 

No matter the project our lighting experts are there: ESCO, commercial, industrial, institutional, or state & muni. 

NES' executives have over 50 years of experience in the lighting industry and have retrofitted over 20 million square feet of space.  

Don't have the in-house expertise to properly design your lighting retrofit?  NES will provide you with utility-approved savings calculation, photometric layouts, and a bill of materials.